In Cantonese, please.


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What I like most about Toronto is that it has such a diverse community. It’s such a lively place. I have no regrets moving here. There’s something here for everyone wherever you’re from the globe. This is such a blessing for somebody like me who is fascinated with world cultures particularly of course the Asian region. I might be a little biased on that one though but I enjoy taking part in cultural festivals. When I heard that there would be a short demonstration of Cantonese Opera, I didn’t hesitate going to this event. May happens to be Asian Heritage Month. Even if it was just a snippet of the actual opera, I feel very lucky to have witnessed a part of it despite not being able to speak Cantonese or Mandarin for that matter. I was excited with seeing the costumes and the heavy make up as I have previously seen in Chinese channels. Of course I would still prefer to watch the real opera in whole but for now I am quite satisfied with what I saw.