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I grew up watching this on rented VHS. Super Pig, for those who are unfamiliar. It’s so nostalgic to see these on YouTube and realize it’s hard to find full episodes anywhere. 

Mar 3
Feb 6


Surprise!Cantonese on Supernatural!?

Random Cantonese on American shows/movies always amuses me, AND it’s on Supernatural! AND the guy doesn’t have a terrible accent! That just makes it even better XD gj Supernatural <3

I’m still trying to figure out which god he’s supposed to be. Oh well, I still have the rest of the episode to watch!


Early Bird Special: Happy Chinese New Tears.


Oh my god, Chinese New Year is all about sad commercials apparently.

Monday is the Lunar New Year :)

So busy.

I actually can’t stand the sound of the chorus, but the song is amusing enough.

I was pretty into feudal dramas when I was younger - but 皆大歡喜 (gah dai foon hei) was one of my favorites. It was a comedy, but had its drama as well. I obviously watched the second part of the series that was set in modern day HK.

The official series title in English is Virtues of Harmony, but literally means something along the lines of “all are happy.”

Nov 7

Doraemon, or 叮噹 (Ding Dong) in Cantonese, was a big part of my childhood. (Sorry about the lack of English subs to any non-Cantonese speaking followers!) 

So I had no idea that it was still an ongoing anime even today, now known as 多啦A夢 (Doh La A Mung). Thanks, wiki!

Nov 6

Title: 不可透露 (but hau tau lo, loosely translated as ‘Cannot Reveal’)

Nov 2

Ghosts are everywhere!

In a late almost-Halloween post:

鬼 (gwai) literally means ghost, but colloquially it is used in idioms to refer to ‘foreigners’ (people of other races, not Chinese). 

鬼佬 (gwai lo), literally ghost man, means foreigner. Though the phrase had a negative connotation to it historically, in modern days it is used more as slang to mean a person of Caucasian descent; similarly used is 白鬼, literally white ghost. 

A video as an added bonus!

This guy would give me a total headache. 

I am a Hong Kong Girl with 公主病 | Carlos Douh

(This is not soley a Cantonese/Chinese concept. For example, the Koreans have 공주병 (gongju byung), which translates to Princess Disease.)

Oct 4

This song is legend. Learn it like this man has.